Wedding photography studio style with Korean style

Wedding photography studio style with Korean style

Before starting the wedding photography, each couple must clearly define the style of wedding photos so that the format can be shot throughout that style. In addition, this also contributes to the selection of costumes, make-up, studio space decoration, … Currently, there are many styles of studio-style wedding photography, each with its own characteristics. In this article, Ely Wedding will introduce you to a Korean-style studio-style wedding photography that is loved by young people today.

Notes on Korean-style studio-style wedding photography

Create a Korean-style space scene in a studio that is usually light blue, pastel pink as the main color. The walls in the studio are carefully painted with water to create a soft, youthful color for the set. This color scheme is easy to coordinate with the dress color to also highlight the bride and groom and specifically make the image of the bride more charming. In addition, wood tones with natural light tones, cream colors are also loved by couples.

Makeup make-up under this concept usually takes place not too picky, putting nature on top. Gentle tones for brides and grooms like pink and orange are the freshest, most natural colors possible. And the accompanying hairstyle is usually curly slightly wave to create a fluffy, thick hair.

The style of studio-style wedding photography is usually not imposed too much, the images stand against each other, look at each other, .. are taken by the most self-styled photographers of the couple. This type of shooting requires the agility of photographers to produce a series of photos that exudes the fresh, cute love of loving couples.

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Korean-style wedding photography is usually more affordable than the outdoors

Studio-style wedding photography gives customers a great deal of money on travel expenses. Besides, studio photography is often equipped with lighting, the most complete machines to make beautiful photos and the participation is often small. Therefore, studio wedding photography is often cheaper than outdoor photography and still has the best image quality.

However, to have the most beautiful studio-style wedding photos, a professional photography team with many unique and impressive angles for a beautiful wedding photo album is needed.


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